The question of whether brands should, may or must advertise in times of coronavirus is currently unavoidable. The one answer to this question cannot and will probably not be found. What if we replaced the ‘whether’ with ‘how and where’?


In this exceptional situation, everyone is talking about the virtues of mindfulness and consideration. It is precisely these virtues that Welect brings to media planning! Our video placements always focus on the individual. They should decide for themselves which adverts they are interested in and want to watch.


Our on-demand advertising approach has now also won over the data protection-driven technology company from Cupertino. The fact that Apple has created a brand with incredible appeal is also reflected in the media KPIs of the current campaign.


‘There's more to an iPhone’, which uses seven different adverts to highlight the advantages and special features of an iPhone, from production and data protection to the tracking protection of the new iOS 13 operating system.


Users, especially those in the adblock environment, are very much in favour of the campaign in Welect's on-demand placement. A strong VTR, which in addition to self-determined advertising consumption can of course also be attributed to creative and clear advertising media, and an above-average CTR illustrate the high level of interest in the products and features of the brand with the apple.


We are proud that our On Demand Advertising has won over one of the most vibrant brands in the world, if not the most vibrant brand in the world, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration. Welcome on board of On Demand Advertising, Apple.


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