Everyone is now aware that cookies as a basis for targeting will soon be a thing of the past. In order to continue to address the right target group in the digital space in a user-friendly way and with advertising impact, Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH was looking for a method to bring its own professional power tools closer to a very top target group: business customers and professional tradespeople.


They found what they were looking for with Welect. The world's leading supplier of power tools and accessories has used self-determined advertising for the first time to play out a moving image campaign. The idea: users decide for themselves which advert they want to watch from a selection of up to six adverts from different brands. This is referred to as organic targeting, as users themselves know best what interests them. The method completely dispenses with cookie-based targeting and is GDPR and ePrivacy compliant, as no user data is used.


With this campaign, Bosch is relying on a combination of the tried and tested and the new. The idea of letting users make their own choices is normal in other areas, for example when we think of our music, film or news consumption. It only makes sense to adapt this behaviour to the world of advertising. Bosch was convinced by the results of the campaign and will therefore continue to focus on self-determined advertising consumption in the future.


The moving image campaign ran from October to December 2020 and featured a 52-second video, which is classed as overlong in video marketing. The advert was played out via desktop in high-reach environments, including CHIP, FOCUS Online and Spektrum der Wissenschaft.


The results were consistently positive. Bosch was able to significantly increase awareness of professional power tools and accessories in the target group of professional tradespeople. The view-through rate was 86 per cent, which is well above the average for commercials with excess length. At around 3.3 per cent, the click rate on the call-to-action was three times higher than average comparative values and led many interested users to the Bosch Professional landing page. The very good results of the campaign - and the associated high level of interest in the advertised product - show that cookie-free targeting and self-determined advertising decisions can also reach top target groups. In addition to the awareness effect through self-determination, there were also many free advertising contacts that were generated via the branded teaser in the campaign selection and totalled several million impressions at the end of the campaign.


Media planning was handled by iProspect GmbH as part of Dentsu Germany GmbH, while the on-demand technology was provided by Welect from Düsseldorf.


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